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2x Acacia Honey Bundle

2x Acacia Honey Bundle

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Honey Source: Yellow Acacia Flowers.
Smooth, moderately runny.
Light golden.
Mild and with distinct vanilla notes.


Acacia Honey:

Acacia honey comes from black locust or false acacia tree. As a matter of fact, there are over 300 different types of honey. We differentiate them on the basis of plants from which bees collect them. Factually there is no bad quality honey (if natural), yet it’s true that acacia honey is the most liked one.

Its taste is unobtrusive or mild with hints of vanilla taste. Preferable to mix in drinks because it does not change their taste. It is light in color, but still the shades depend upon the plants from which it has been collected.


  • Body absorbs it readily. It has low glycemic index. It is good for people suffering from diabetes (type II)
  • It is observed to suppress the cough.
  • It is good antiseptic.
  • It normalizes the blood pressure through regular use.
  • It increases the level of hemoglobin.
  • It improves sleep and releases stress.
  • It energizes the body and also stimulates brain activity. Because it has strong antiseptic effects it is applied in skin problems. It is often defined as a natural antibiotic. In short there is still a long list of its health benefits.

Why it is more expensive:

Due to its greater demand it is among the most expensive varieties in market, moreover it is naturally produced in lesser quantities and it is difficult to obtain.

Due to some dry weather conditions acacia honey is not produced for several consecutive years. In short it is very rare quantity. One spoonful of our Nature’s Nectar acacia (raw & unfiltered) honey and you will be an acacia lover forever.

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