Premium Honey Collection

Our beekeepers harvest the honey with great care. Our honey is totally pure, raw and cold extracted. Our mission is to find the purest, most delicious, raw honey.

We’re dedicated to everything honey – from exquisite single-origin, mono-floral honey, to potent honey fusions to irresistible combinations of raw honey. You can rest assured that nothing was added, from bee to hive to bottle.

Honey Bundle Packs

You two favorite honey are now available in a Bundle Pack. Enjoy sweet and healthy savings.

Why Natures’ Nectar Honey is special?

Many of our customers tell us we have the best honey they’ve ever tasted.  Many of you may like our honey from trying a sample at a farmer’s market or from interacting with us during a swarm relocation.  You may not know how special our honey truly is.  We believe that our honey is not only the best tasting, but that we put more attention and care into the production of our honey than any other honey producer in Pakistan. Some of the reasons that why our honey is specials are:

  • Our honey is special because we are beekeepers
  • We manage our own hives
  • We don’t put any chemicals in our hives
  • We relocate wild swarms to our managed yards
  • We partner with bee-friendly businesses to host our hives
  • We celebrate the diversity of our honey harvests
  • Our honey is fresh
  • We sell pure, raw honey

130g Individual Jars – Perfect for Gifts & Travelling

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