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Black Forest Honey

Black Forest Honey

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NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Juniper Flowers, Lavender Flowers.
CONSISTENCY: Viscous, smooth, rich, moderately thick and rich
COLOUR: Dark red to rich amber.
TASTE: Aromatic flavors with distinct cinnamon and lavender notes.
PROPERTIES: Improves blood circulation, particularly recommended for respiratory diseases relaxant for the nerves .

Black Forest honey is one of the finest honey in the world. The production of the Black Forest honey is mainly in the Ziarat valley of Baluchistan. The color of the black forest honey is usually from dark red to rich amber.

Honey bees collect their nectar from Juniper and Cinnamon flowers, which blossom the on trees, whilst the lavender flowers are found on the surface of the forest. Black forest honey is rich in minerals, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium. That is why it is good in muscle weakness, anemia, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, boost energy, strengthening the heart, cure virus and flu infection, good for respiratory organs, this is considered an alternative to cold and cough medication. Remove bad cholesterol, clean the gall bladder, and prevent arthritis pain in combination with cinnamon powder and warm water.

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